Secondary – Learning

Davoren Park Campus


Garden College offers a strong and secure academic environment for students to excel and achieve their best with an emphasis on each student attaining excellence. Garden College students are held accountable for their learning, and regular feedback is provided to parents in the form of regular letters going home, phone calls, parent-teacher interviews and information nights.


The College provides a curriculum program for students, which is stimulating and hands-on. Garden College runs five period days with one hour periods. This allows students to have more hands-on time within the classroom, where effective learning takes place.

Garden College offers many subjects in each year level, and all core subjects are based on the Australian Curriculum. Overall all students are encouraged to achieve their best and become confident individuals.




We are fortunate to have such an ample space for the library for students from Reception to Year 11 (then Year 12 next year). There have been occasions when two classes have been using it at the same time.
The collection of fiction and non-fiction books is ever expanding, through school purchases and donations from families and staff, as well as other schools, to accommodate an increasing student population. Student requests have been taken into consideration.

Shelving is being improved to allow taller books to stand and, therefore, be more comfortable to locate and peruse.
Being open before school, recess, lunch-time and after school allows greater use by students and teachers. Borrowing and reading happen then, of course, but the use of computers will enable students to work on school work and other educational fun activities.

The library is sometimes used by students in lesson time to work on school work in a quiet place where they can concentrate without interruption. This helps them to achieve their education goals.

Library lessons add to school learning and increased awareness of information literacy skills.