Uniform Policy


A school uniform plays an important role in any school. A school uniform contributes to a sense of belonging, identity and self-confidence. The uniform at Garden College is one that adheres to the modest Islamic dress code and is comfortable to wear all year round. It is compulsory for every student to wear the school uniform. Students out of uniform must bring a note from the parent or guardian. The student will be issued with a uniform pass. The items of uniform can be purchased from the School’s uniform shop.



Wearing the College Uniform:

  1. Full school uniform, including College blazer must be worn all year round unless told otherwise. The College uniform for students in Years 3 to year 6 include:


SHOES Black lace-up leather school shoes. Boots of any description or high-heal shoes are not permitted. Black lace-up leather school shoes. Boots of any description or high-heel shoes are not permitted.
SOCKS White or black school sock. White or black school sock.
TROUSERS/SLACKS   Black school trousers.
SKIRT Garden College tartan pleated skirt.  
SHIRT Term1&4:Grey Blouse

Term2&3:Grey school   long sleeved shirt.   Short-sleeved shirts are not permitted.

Term 1 & 4: Grey polo t-shirt

Term 2 & 3: Grey school long sleeved shirt.   Short-sleeved shirts are not permitted.

JUMPER Garden College Maroon jumper. Garden College Black jumper.
BLAZER Garden College Blazer. Blazers are to be worn at all times. Garden College Blazer. Blazers are to be worn at all times.
SCARF/HIJAB White scarf/Hijab with a white cap underneath.   No other colour is permitted.  
TIE   Garden College black Loop Tie.
SPORTS UNIFORM Garden College Sports Uniform-Maroon. Garden College Sports Uniform

Y-3-6 Maroon.Colour

CAP (OUTSIDE USE ONLY) Girls Tennis Hat (White) Garden College Maroon cap.




Reception to Grade 2 Uniform


-Windcheater R-2 Maroon

-Hooded Windcheater R-2 Maroon

-Trousers R – 2 (Navy)

– Maroon track pants R-2

– Yellow t-shirt (Polo Top) with school logo

– Shoes/socks can be any colour and type.



  1. Uniform is expected to be clean, neat and tidy in appearance at all times. The College uniform is a visible sign of a student’s membership of a school. Parents are expected to provide active support to the college’s uniform policy.


  1. Any student not in full college uniform must provide a note with a reasonable excuse. This must be presented to the appropriate school Senior co-ordinator BEFORE form assembly so that a uniform pass can be issued. Uniform passes must be carried at all times when students are out of uniform and must be produced when requested by a teacher.


  1. Make-up and nail polish are not part of the uniform and must not be worn at school.


  1. Hair if dyed, must be in a natural colour. Male hair styles must be conventional.


  1. Jewellery- students should not wear jewellery other than watches. Religious medallions should be worn inside the shirt or top. Any other jewellery will be confiscated by teachers and returned at the end of term.


  1. Jeans are not to be worn to school.


  1. Runners are not to be worn at school or to or from school; P.E classes are the only exception.


  1. Students participating in ALL day Sport excursions will be permitted to wear their Sports Uniform to and from school.


Consequences of inappropriate dress:

  1. Students will be advised not to wear the article again.


  1. In extreme/repeated cases the Teacher or Coordinator may send the student home to change into suitable clothing.


  1. Exclusion from class.


  1. Parental co-operation is sought in ensuring that students leave home wearing clothes that meet these rules.


  1. Excursions- students are only allowed to attend if in full school uniform or the appropriate dress for that excursion.


P.E Uniform:(From Year-3 to 6 students only)

Students are required to be in full P.E uniform for every P.E class



  1. Illness or injury prevents active participation, then the student will provide the teacher with an explanatory note signed by parents/guardians.


  1. If part of the uniform is in the wash or there is a problem at that time, the student will be required to wear something else that is as close as possible to school uniform and provide an explanatory note to the teacher signed by parents or guardians.


If the student is out of uniform and does not provide satisfactory explanation via note the following procedure will apply:


1st Time– warning and student will help with equipment, sorting etc for that lesson

2nd Time– punishment is determined by class teacher – detention, yard duty, etc. Avoid punishing students with lines or any form of writing. This may contribute to a hate towards writing.

3rd Time- Letter is sent home and coordinator is informed. A detention will be given.

4th Time– coordinator will deal with student and semester result will be affected.