Staff Dress Code

According to Islamic teachings, modesty in dress is an important tenet of one’s faith. All clothes should be loose fitting, non transparent and modest. All students, parents, teachers and staff members are required to obey Islamic teachings regarding dress while on school premises. At all times, dress should be of the highest possible standard. It is expected that staff will present themselves according to school policy and as professionals.


Upon signing the Garden College contract, both male and female staff member has agreed to obey the Islamic dress code policy of the college while on school premises or when attending college functions, camps and meetings outside the school. It is staff responsibility to set an example to students of the correct Islamic Dress Code. The example students receive should be one for which they can strive. All staff must adhere to the school dress code at all school events and functions, including those outside of school hours. Refer to the information below for clarity of expected female and male dress standards.



Sun Smart Policy: All staff conducting yard duty outdoors during term 1 and 4 must wear a hat/sun visor as a role model of the school sun smart policy.


Physical Education Staff: PE staff are expected to wear appropriated PE staff clothing that is loose and non transparent.


Student Free Days: On occasions when staff attends school on student free days a casual appearance may be taken. However, the Islamic dress code must be adhered to at all times.


Excursion and Camp Days: On occasions when staff attend school camps or excursions a casual appearance may be taken if needed i.e. runners may be worn. However, the Islamic dress code must be adhered to at all times.


Males: According to Islamic teachings, a male must cover what is between his navel and knees at all times while in public. During school hours, male staff are expected to wear formal shirts and pants. Wearing of casual clothes is not permitted for teaching and non- teaching staff. Clothing standard (including footwear) is to be suitable to wear in a corporate office environment. Business shirt and formal trousers must be worn. Jeans and jean style trousers and/or shorts are not permitted. i.e. Suit and ties are encouraged. Jubba style dress and pants are not permitted. Runners/sneakers and slippers/thongs must not be worn. There should be no use of dyes, gels or any other form of product within the hair of the male staff.

Females: According to Islamic teachings, females are expected to cover their whole body except their face, hands and feet. Casual clothing is not acceptable in a professional environment. Dress (including footwear) is to be of corporate standard. Jewellery such as dangling earrings, long beads around the neck and several bracelets at the same time is not permitted. Makeup such as eye shadow, eye liner, lipstick, nail polish etc. must not be applied. Pants / trousers are not permitted unless worn under long tunics that fall at or below the knees. All pants/trousers must be loose, be at ankle length, tights and jean style trousers are not permitted to be worn under tunics and all females must cover their necks at all times. The hijab (scarf) must be pinned below the chin to ensure their necks are concealed. No hats, beanies or other head wear will be accepted as head covering other than what is shown in option 1. Runners/sneakers and slippers/thongs must not be worn.


In areas of concern, interpretation of these standards will be prerogative of the Principal and College Board. The Principal or school board has the right to terminate the teacher’s contract if he or she does not obey the Garden College dress code policy as clearly outlined.


Please refer to the below figures for options and clarity of acceptable female hair covering and dress:

ladies scarf






Option 1: Head scarf:

Option 2: Tunic style long top and loose trousers

Option 3: Abaya style loose dress

Option 4: School jacket above own loose trousers