Enrolment Policy



Garden College is a co-educational Islamic school, which caters for children from Reception to Year-6 in 2015 and will be extended year 7-9 in 2016. We believe that parents are the first educators of their children and have the obligation to ensure an adequate education for their children consistent with the rights and obligation of their belief and values.




To provide an efficient process of enrolment that satisfies the needs of both students and Garden College.


Guidelines for Implementation


The following guidelines must be followed when students from Years Reception to 9 are applying to the College. Parents need to make sure that all required documents are attached and that all application fees are paid. Once a decision has been made regarding the enrolment of a student it may not be disputed.


Garden College will not proceed with the enrolment process if all of the below and additional Reception requirements are not met.


  • Parents wishing to enroll their child will need to fill out in full and sign an application form.
  • A $50 non-refundable fee must also be paid for application to be processed.       Parents are also expected to cover any additional costs of the application to be processed.
  • Provide birth certificate or passport for Australian born applicants and Visa and passport for overseas born applicants.
  • Students will need to sit for an entrance exam varying from 1 to 2 hours (depending on their year level) and achieve an average of at least 60% for year 1-9, to be considered as an applicant. (Excluding Receptions). Both parents and students will need to sit for an interview.
  • A copy of the applicants latest and previous school reports is to be provided
  • Sign consent section on application form agreeing for nominated staff to contact previous school in order to obtain information related to the child.
  • 2 passport sized photos clearly labeled with child’s date of birth, name and surname are to be provided
  • Applicants whom have currently enrolled siblings and/or have immediate parents as staff members of the college will be prioritized provided they meet entrance requirements.






Additional Requirements for RECEPTION Applicants:

  • Provide proof of age indicating that they have turned 5 years of age by the 30th of June of that year
  • Provide all copies of all up to date immunization records.
  • Applicants for prep whom have attended kindergarten/registered childcare equivalent programs will be prioritized.
  • In place of a written exam students will undergo an age appropriate one to one test of their language /speaking and social abilities.



Once all of the required documents have been provided a letter of receipt of application together with notification of time/date of the entrance exam will be issued.


All aspects of the enrolment process are taken into consideration when determining acceptance of an applicant’s enrolment. The applicant’s exam result, information obtained from previous school as well as interviews will be taken into consideration where the Vice Principal or Senior Coordinator will consult with the Principal and discuss student’s possible enrolment.


If the applicant or parents do not speak English fluently, interviews can be carried out in both Arabic and Turkish or other Languages. This is to ensure that the school caters for the student and their families to the best of our ability.


At the completion of college entrance test and interviews the process will continue depending on the outcomes as follows:


  1. Rejection of applicant:

A formal letter of rejection will be sent to the applicants address once the decision has been finalized. This final decision is the college’s discretion and cannot be disputed by the parent/applicant. If there were any discrepancies during the process, it should be dealt with before the final result is received. The child’s information will be discarded within a year and the child will not be given another chance until a year lapses and a new application is made.

  1. Waiting List:

In such circumstances where the applicant is successful but there is no space available in the required year level, the child may be placed in the school waiting list. Parents will be notified if a space becomes available within that year. Once a year lapses after application a new application must be made if parent wishes for their child to stay on application list.


  1. Acceptance of Applicant:

Should the applicant be considered successful an acceptance letter will be sent home to parents approximately two weeks after the interviews and exam. Parents will then need to contact the school if their child has been accepted and pay the non-refundable building fee to confirm and secure their child’s enrolment before the indicated date.


Garden College holds an open day within term 3 to offer the opportunity to parents to observe the school, staff and facilities offered. Late applications will not be accepted after the Garden Entrance Exam date, but those students may be put on the waiting list. Provided that there is available space in a particular year applicants will be considered throughout the year.


Enrolment Renewal Procedures:

An enrolment renewal form will be sent home to current students generally in term 3 or 4 asking parents to indicate whether their child will be attending the school the following year. Parents should read the conditions carefully before signing the enrolment renewal form. A parent, who signs the form, has agreed to all school policies and conditions and will be bound by it. To finalize the enrolments for the following year, parents should return the form by the indicated deadline. If the school does not receive the enrolment renewal form by the set date, then the student will not be considered enrolled for the following year. Therefore students who are on the waiting list will have first preference. Please note that, promotion to the year above is based on academic performance. Therefore enrolment renewal does not guarantee this promotion. Interviews to discuss the enrolment can be arranged through the office.


Enrolment Terminating Procedures:

A parent who wishes to terminate his/her child’s enrolment must inform the school at least 5 weeks in advance via filling out a school ‘Enrolment Termination Form’ available from the office otherwise continue paying school fees until school is notified of termination and be charged a further 5 weeks of school fees. Once a student has terminated his or her enrolment, the students place will be taken by a new applicant. If the student wants to return to Garden College they must re-apply as a new applicant.

Extended leave for students may be granted for 6 months only. However if parents do not submit the extended leave form for their children, the Principal may terminate the enrolment of the student after 5 consecutive absent days.


In circumstances where currently enrolled families are unable to meet the financial requirements of Garden College e.g. school fees and cost of uniform, ‘Family Financial Assistance Program’ application form available from the office must be filled out to modify methods of payment subject to approval of the school board and the principal.



Policy: Non – Muslim Student Enrolment


To reflect the diverse nature of Australian society, Garden College welcomes the enrolment of non-Muslim students. Such students fully participate in all aspects of the curriculum including Qur’an, Islamic studies and LOTE. The different knowledge and skill based of non –Muslim student in these subjects will be catered for. Provision will also be made for observance of these students’ own religious rituals.


This policy is mutually beneficial. It provides for the personal growth of non-Muslim students who experience a different faith, language and culture. It also promotes acceptance of non-Muslims by Muslim students and broadens their world view.