Vision and Mission

The College Mission is to provide a safe, fun and caring learning environment that equips our students with the educational, life skills and positive attitudes to meet all the challenges and responsibilities with life after school. Our mission is a combination of organisational and community values.


Garden College strives to:

  • Produce a learning environment that sets clear educational expectations for students whilst also catering for student’s individual needs
  • Endeavour to nurture the Islamic traditions and values
  • To achieve the goal of creating separate Secondary learning areas for our male & female students to meet the needs and demands of our community
  • To continually integrate creativity and technology into all learning areas
  • To create a place where student fell safe, valued and respected which will enhance their self esteem and academic performance
  • To keep up to date with the changing curriculum
  • Highlight the importance of professional growth for staff
  • Maintain strong leadership culture that allows every member of the school community excel in their chosen areas


Garden College is a community of students, parents and staff that lives and learns together in partnership with our strong Islamic values. We strive together to maintain a vibrant school staying connected with the wider community.


We endeavour to respect the diversity of cultures within. our school community and promote all school stakeholders the freedom to be heard.


As Islam teaches we strive to be compassionate to one another when interacting.


We encourage our students to stay focused and committed to enable them to achieve their lifelong goals.


We strive for honesty and truthfulness at all times when dealing with the whole school community.


Moral and ethical principles are promoted in order to create soundness and good character in all students