About us

Muslim parents know that a good Islamic Education is the best investment that they can provide for their children. Bearing this in mind, Garden College, was established in 2015 to provide a sound Islamic education in a disciplined environment where the values of Islam are of primary importance. The aim of Garden College is very simple; we seek to equip students with enough knowledge and confidence to put Islamic beliefs, values and morals into practice in their own lives.


At Garden College, children are taught to be proud of their Islamic identity and be proud Australian Muslims. The College aims at the development of the whole person, intellectually, spiritually, socially, and physically and the development of individual talents and abilities. The College motto “Advance Through Knowledge” summarises the values we instil in our students. By attending Garden College, all students benefit in their academic and spiritual progress and in the development of their self-esteem, in a caring educational and Islamic environment. All curriculum and extra curricula programs aim to:
– Provide the knowledge and skills required by students for their full participation in the affairs of the Australian and world community.
– Support Muslim families in the development of an Islamic consciousness in their children.
– Foster the development of Islamic manners and lover of learning in its students.
РProvide an avenue for the constructive involvement of the Muslim community in issues of education, training and community development.

Garden College also recognises that the purpose of schooling in our current times is to shape and foster multidimensional citizens. It recognises that these citizens live in multicultural societies in a global world. The school philosophy reflects the values and beliefs that permit students to explore their potential to become these citizens, whilst strengthening their Islamic faith commitment. Garden College school philosophy is also built on certain beliefs we hold about students and their environments in which we expect them to learn. We believe all children come to school with valuable potential. All children have things they can do and all learning experiences must begin from there. Our primary responsibility as educators is to recognise each child’s potential and create learning pathways that allow this potential to blossom.